AmareVita Institute

Getting started


Having years of experience in the health and wellness industry, the client recognized the need for creating a health practitioners community that would share the experience and knowledge in order to find the best solution for their patients. Client wanted the platform that would connect health practitioners globally and to create a health and wellness movement that would be accessible to all, no matter of a location or language barrier.

AmareVita Institute

AmareVita Institute
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AmareVita Institute project stages

Client wanted to have an educational platform that would be within the website. In addition, the client requested an e-store where the copyright publications will be displayed and sold to the clients.

Our project manager team proposed a modern, easy to navigate, open to public website and e-shop with additional internal web app structure that would be accessible only to approved health practitioners.

The general public website was designed as vibrant, visually appealing and inviting with educational publications available for purchase. An event page would update on seminars, retreats and other important events organized by the institute. The process was fully automatized without additional need to manage the shop or purchases.

Web app is being developed as an integral part of the website, with communication systems between the practitioners, sharing options, educational seminars and more.

Word from Customer

Working with MZ Innovations was a pleasure. Although we thought we had a clear vision and defined plan to execute we were introduced with multiple new and exptermely valuable ideas we decided to go ahead with. Working with IT specialists was of great value as our education is centered around health and wellness and not around AI and its functions. Workflow was smooth and saved us tons of time and having to figure things out. MZ Innovations will be part of our team forever.

AmareVita Instutute