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Getting started


Client presented the idea to optimize business workflow and therefore generate new revenue with the concept that is new to the industry. Client's idea was to create a new website with complex background features that would enable her clients to access information related to the offered service whereas at the same time follow health industry regulations, privacy and safety.

CareMed Health Clinic

CareMed health
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CareMed Health project stages

Since business was already established, we used existing visual identity, logo and tagline and we aimed to create web design within these parameters.

Development included projecting user friendly workflow that would follow all requested features. Health industry regulations and standards are very clear and defined, where there is no room for improvisation or guessing. We created a web portal that was integrated into the website and that would carry all business operations by end user.

Client requested website SEO optimization. Our content writers specialized in the health industry created detailed, but at the same time marketing oriented web content, explaining the services offered and providing easy to understand and engaging information, optimized for defined key words.

Product launch was accompanied with our professionals that made sure every step went smoothly and without any business interruptions. Client also requested hosting services and ongoing support.
Detailed training was provided, for admin and staff members.
Client also requested hosting services and ongoing support.

Word from Customer

MZ Innovations took an existing wix website and converted it to a more professional, aesthetically pleasing and functional wordpress site whilst incorporating an innovative shopping store exclusively for existing patients - supporting an increase in revenue with less in house work. The ease of their innovative work flow settled my nerves in having to manage the store - keep in mind I'm coming from an industry in which I have very little knowledge of technology and programming. Thank-you team MZ for brilliantly constructing my vision - a vision for which I have no idea how elaborate yet simple it could be.

CareMed Health