Coastal Care Pharmacy

Getting started


Client recognized the accelerating digitalization trend and wanted to expand the typical pharmacy business model beyond serving the patients. The idea was tight collaboration with other health care professionals in order to provide the best care for the community and become recognized for quality and knowledge support in an easy, modern way, yet within the scope and already set government regulations.

Coastal Care Pharmacy

Coastal Care Pharmacy
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Coastal Care Pharmacy project stages

As already being 6 years in business, Coastal Care Pharmacy was a successful business, however sterile compounding was a fairly new concept that a client wanted to establish.

Our business consulting team proposed a new website, with the highlight on sterile compounding, high standards and strict quality control client is offering. Considering that the client wanted to follow the trend of digitalization, our team proposed a web app that was integrated within the website and that would help him reach the goal: better communication with local physicians and their practices. The web portal was created within much defined pharmacy regulations, following security features, confidentiality and all other required regulations.

Development included projecting user friendly workflow that would follow all requested features. Health industry regulations and standards are very clear and defined, where there is no room for improvisation or guessing. Engenieers custome coded web portal created to follow all specifications. Content writers delivered pharmaceutical grade content, emphasizing all key point the pharmacy should be recognizible and explaning the services in easy, yet professional language.

Client had already established branding, therefore we had a starting point and we navigated within these parameters. Our team of designers created web design, social media design and marketing material.

In addition to website and web-portal creation, we were hired for social media marketing, where we delivered recognizable and authentic high quality evidenced based content in collaboration with Anaruli Consulting.

Our team was hired for hosting service and ongoing support. We continue social media services up to this date.

Word from Customer

Since I manage 3 pharmacy locations, time is everything for me. MZ Innovations did everything taking the minimum of my time. I had experience with other companies and nothing was close to this. All I had to do was my regular business operation and trust the flow. The product delivered was amazing and I had nothing to add. This is the example when you hire professionals and they do their work without any need to monitor or micromanage them. On top, all my set goals were met. I would recommend MZ Innovations to everyone.

Coastal Care Pharmacy