Danamex Trade

Getting started


Danamex trade is industry well-known and successful business that specializes in the import of high quality European food for over 10 years. The business have accomplished a big scale growth over years and new pandemic reality was a sign that operation needs to be digitalized, where human resources would be directed to other, more productive tasks. We were hired to provide input, proposal and eventually web app that would optimize business operation and help company absorb the growth in a productive and efficient manner.

Danamex Trade

Danamex Trade
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Danamex Trade project stages

Our initial meeting was about getting familiar with where the business currently is and understanding business objectives and future goals. Our project leaders had to understand workflow in depth in order to foresee how the operation should be improved and how the proposed digitalization would bring benefits for the business in terms of simplicity, efficacy, productivity and scalability with the projected growth.

Our proposal was web app that would shorten the whole process of ordering, inventory management and statistics reports. Web app was supposed to shorten the whole operational process, replace manual steps that were time consuming and prone to errors and as well provide better statistic therefore inventory management and ultimately money management.

The system was built as user friendly and simple to train new people that would be involved in operation. It was a requirement for web app to integrate with internal bookkeeping system and pull the information from existing, massive database, therefore to avoid double entry.

The web app was created with 3 main goals: to provide complicated calculations that were of the essence in business operation, to track the orders and inventory in the system and to provide collative reports that would help in future ordering projection.

System was created with security features in mind as well as accountability and traceability features, but still however accessible to managers regardless what part of the world they are traveling to.

Word from Customer

I heard for MZ Innovations due to recommendation and I decided to contact them as I was impressed with the project they have already done. Ever since our first meeting, the team was nothing but professional, easy to work with and highly accommodative to my requests. Although I had in my mind exactly what I wanted, their input and the way they find solutions and shortcuts to my requests were still extremely valuable and simply said: I could never put it that way myself. The whole process didn’t take much of my time, and the end product was even more than I expected. I will continue working with this team and I would recommend them to everyone.

Danamex Trade