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Getting started


FillRx App is a mobile app paired with a web app, developed as a communication tool between pharmacies and their patients. The goal was to create a tool that helps patients improve the correspondence with their preferred pharmacy and receive the right service at the right time.
The intent was a mutual benefit, with FillRx app pharmacies would increase customer loyalty therefore profit while optimizing already busy work flow, while patients would have available service convenience.

FillRx App

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FillRx App project stages

All we needed was the idea from an enthusiastic pharmacist. We created a project proposal, including the name, design and branding that would be applicable to the industry and the intent of use.

Our team of developers gave valuable input about the most efficient workflow and user friendly front desk features. Considering that the app had 2 users, it was developed as 2 branches that were complementing each other, mobile app and web app. This was created having in mind future features that might be added with fast changes that are happening in the industry.

The product was developed in the light of pharmacy regulations, HIPAA compliance regulations and other security features that would increase customer online safety. Workflow was developed as a logical, step by step approach, with accountability in mind for every user's step.

Client requested product launch and marketing services. We developed a simple, but modern website explaining the app features targeting both key users, patients and pharmacists. Our designers and content writers developed marketing material, brochures and posters as well as sales strategy.

MZ Innovations was hired additionally for ongoing digital marketing services, SM marketing and digital campaigns that created huge success for the project. FillRx App today is a well known project in the industry serving thousands of pharmacies and their patients.

Mobile App design

For mobile app to be successful, one of key components is user interface. FillRx app user interface is clean, not crowded, with clear messages, self-explanatory and easy to navigate features.

Web App design

While main goal for FillRx web app was to simplify user experience considering that pharmacy workflow is already busy and “one more thing to do” would add additional frustration rather than business optimization, we also paid attention to details and user interface was developed as modern and easy to navigate with light and calm colors and the screen is not crowded. FillRx web app met the purpose: providing better service for the patients, without adding to the pharmacy workflow.

FillRx App promotion section

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Word from Customer

It was very important for us to hire a company that would understand the pharmacy business and that would be able to propose the steps we should take. We were led through every single step, from creating the company name, proposing the workflow, to launching the product and advertising it. We even had a pharmacist that was presenting for us for big clients. On top of it, we were amazed how fast our app was delivered, fully functional and available on both major platforms. They certainly gained one more forever loyal customer. Thank you MZ!

FillRx App