Natures Compounding Pharmacy

Getting started


Nature's compounding is independent pharmacy, a family business owned by 2 pharmacists that operated as a local business for several years. In the unpredictable times of pandemic, where most of the businesses were struggling to survive, Nature's compounding recognized change in customers behavior and their new habits, as well as the emerging impact of technology that was shaping everyone’s lives.
Our company was approached to develop an online presence for the business as well as to improve their communications with clients in the digital world, in order to advance their already recognized customer service.

Natures Compounding Pharmacy

Natures Compounding Pharmacy
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Natures Compounding project stages

Our project manager team proposed a website that would offer an online shop as well as integration with the mobile app specially designed for independent pharmacies that wanted to bring their business to the next level and promote their existence in a digital world.

The website design was created having in mind the core business, but at the same time as colorful, vibrant and dynamic, rather than the usual medical concept that would blend in. The design was created to stand out and invite people to explore more.

We were hired to develop content applicable to the industry as well as provide SEO service.

FillRx App was integrated in the website and mobile phone download feature was easy and accessible on the webpage.

Word from Customer

It was great working with MZ Innovations. They actually assigned me a licensed pharmacist to communicate with! It was such a relief to know that I gave my project to someone who knows the industry as actually being a part of the industry. I had zero worries and the product was delivered fast and above expectations. I highly recommend MZ Innovations!

Natures Compounding Pharmacy