Shipyards Health Clinic

Getting started


Client presented the idea for a new business model she was contemplating on for some time. The main idea was to complement existing business, better utilize the equity and sources that are already in place and ultimately bring more revenue. The new business idea was innovative, modern and applicable for the current business environment.

Shipyards Health Clinic

Shipyards Health Clinic
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Shipyards Health Clinic project stages

Considering that the client wanted to create a website and new business operations governing through the website, our project manager teams proposed a web app that would integrate with the website.

Our designers created website visuals within very specific instructions: to highlight modern and fully equipped clinic while preserving historical heritage and devoting to appreciation of location and local communities and their historical impact.

The developers created a web portal that was fully functional to hold on all business operations, without needing to hire more people to manage the new business model. The workflow was created as simple, easy to navigate, yet functional and covering all necessary steps with customers’ usage, without any need to navigate the portal additionally. All legal aspects were covered with initial registration steps by end users.

New business model appeared to be very successful for the client, especially because it did not add additional work to her already busy working schedule, monitoring or hiring more people. It was a self-sufficient system, therefore cost-effective business model relying fully on thoughtfully created digital processes.

Word from Customer

From start to finish, this development group was beyond impressive! From their innovative approaches in creating a new business option to reduce in house work, to their professionalism and speed of responses. The project has been a huge success for the company and in addition to the project, this team nailed the branding I needed but couldn't articulate. Amazing work team!

Shipyards Health Clinic