Sloth MD

Getting started


Sloth MD started as a concept to develop formulas that would find solutions for complex medical problems that were frequently underdiagnosed and left untreated.
Our company was hired to cover the digital part of the business, develop the website and online operations that would carry on workflow in an automated way.

Sloth MD

Sloth MD
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Sloth MD project stages

Client wanted to have “everything at one place”. Our project managers proposed “website within the website”, where Sloth MD would have different features and interfaces relative to retail and wholesale clients. We developed a fully automated workflow without need for additional staff managing the operation.

Sloth MD had very specific requirements about marketing and branding. We worked closely with Anaruli Consulting, the company that was hired to create a business model from scratch. Authentic design and marketing came as a result of this successful collaboration.

For the level of complexity of the project it was deliever fairly quickly our client was up and running in less than 3 months

Word from Customer

MZ Innovation was a great part of our start up. Working with the team was informative, educational and smooth. We got all we wanted and exactly how we wanted. We do not imagine doing this work by ourselves or working with someone who is not nearly as qualified as MZ. If you are looking to have operational systems, website or anything digital MZ is the way to go.

Sloth MD